BYH is an international exchange affair which is also a stage for junior designers, college students majored in designs. Awaiting in BYH program are diverse events including training, visits to Chinese corporations, R&D centre tours on and on. Experience in BYH would surely allow designers another edge to carve out their careers, not to mention a mere show time for their talents!

Your participation in BYH is more than a sheer training or exchange occasion. Since your step forward into BYH, you would get:

1. A membership on our platform with unlimited chances to sell your talent!
2. The priority to be recommended to Chinese corporations, where you can turn your creative ideas into production!
3. Incubation services(including registration, office facilities, market development, customer relation, etc.) to start up your business!
4. Discounted price for internship and employment in China!
5. Prioritized right to join higher-range events in techs & talents!
6. Additional services(reception, accommodations, translation, etc.) in future trips to China!

2017 South-china Discovery Tour

Radically expand your understanding of Chinese (business) culture through an immersive 12 days experience right in the heart of the factory of the world: Guangdong, China.

1. Visit leading local and international companies to improve your understanding of the Chinese industrial design demands;
2. Exchange ideas and network with design and manufacturing professionals in China
3. Talents exhibitions covered by major media to promote your designs to the Chinese market
4 .Certificate conferred by Chinese government to sharpen your career edge;
5 .Inspiring speeches by Chinese moguls to rapidly expand your comprehension of Chinese (business) culture.

What are the additional benefits from joining BYH ?

1. Free membership in our Talents Platform

① More opportunities (online & offline) to showcase your design pieces;
② Custom Design for your business recommendations and interactions;
③ Greater discounts for future internships/employment in China;
④ Prioritized participation in future high profile events/competitions;
⑤ Support with a wide scope of services (reception, accommodation, interpretation, etc.)for future trips to China.

2.To be a maker in our Inno-Makers Space, you would:

① get design orders channeled from Inno-Makers Space;
② Get development support services for your business start-up:
corporate registration, free office space (for a limited period), market exposure, legal services, etc..

For futher information or to sign up, please contact Greg Human.
Partners: YueJiuTai and Orange Creatives

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