Broaden your Horizons presents


Welcome to the factory of the world

Radically expand your understanding of Chinese (business) culture through an immersive 12 days experience right in the heart of the factory of the world: Guangdong, China.


  • Visit leading local and international companies to know better Chinese industrial design demands;
  • Exchange ideas and network with design and manufacturing professionals in China
  • Talents exhibitions covered by major media to promote your designs to the Chinese market;
  • Certificate conferred by Chinese government to sharpen your career edge;
  • Inspiring speeches by Chinese moguls to rapidly expand your comprehension of Chinese (business) culture.

What extra do you get from BYH thereafter

Free membership in our Talents Platform

  • More opportunities (online & offline) to show off your design pieces;
  • Custom Design for your business recommendations and interactions;
  • Greater discount for future internships/employment in China;
  • Prioritized participation in future high profile events/competitions;
  • Support with a wide scope of services (reception, accommodation, interpretation, etc.)for future trips to China.

To be a maker in our Inno-Makers Space, you would:

  • Obtain design orders channelled through Inno-Makers Space;
  • Get development support services for your business start-up:
    corporate registration, free office space (for a limited period), market (suggest the word ‘exposure’ instead of ‘development’) development, legal services, etc..
Broaden your horizons and improve your opportunity of China GET STARTED NOW


1 Day
Entrepreneurship in China, masterclass
1 Day
History of Guangzhou, a picture scavenger hunt with ahistoric touch
4 Days
Company/ factory visits
1 Day
Industrial design and the future of manufacturing
1 Day
Bridging cultural gaps, workshop with local students
2 Days
Business networking & competitions
2 Days
Recreational activities

Broaden your horizons and improve your opportunity of China